About Chef

Chef Kaoru AZEUCHI is a renowned master KAISEKI Chef from Japan, with 16 years of working experience. He differentiates himself with his unique skill in KAISEKI and cross-cultural background (he also trained and worked as a French haute cuisine chef for three years.)

He has had the honor of serving Japan's Emperor Akihito during the Emperor's visit to Kagawa Prefecture, and became sous-chef at the prestigious Tokushima Hotel by age 27. After winning the Tokushima Culinary Contest, he became head-chef at Tofu KAISEKI Restaurant at age 35.

Chef Kaoru AZEUCHI's dream was to introduce "KAISEKI Ryori" in the US, and in 2014 Yuzu Restaurant opened in Las Vegas, NV



三徳とは 『軽軟』 『浄潔』 『妙法』 のこと。


Chef's MOTTO




三徳は『三旬』旬の素材を使い、旬の味付けをし、旬の演出をする事に通じ、 禅門ではこの三徳を守り、さらに甘い、酸っぱい、辛い、苦い、塩辛いに 淡(淡い味)の六味が加わって料理といえるのだと教えています。

三徳は『三徳六味』禅文化から継承された日本料理の CONCEPT(基本理念)を 忘れず大切にしながら、和、洋が複雑に交差する時代の『食』の形態に対応したスタイル