What is KAISEKI?

KAISEKI is a sophisticated, traditional Japanese, multi-course meal that is prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients. There are three different courses with each dish served individually, one-by-one. Some dishes are served hot, while others are served chilled, just the way they're meant to be enjoyed. All courses depend on the season, and Chef AZEUCHI with create special dishes that are only available during the current season.

We hope that you take the time to give KAISEKI a chance. It's a wonderfully delicate form of Japanese cuisine not commonly found outside of its native home.




***We Also Have Chef AZEUCHI’s Exciting Sake Pairing Course.

*Please order your choice of KAISEKI 3 days in advance. (Minimum of 2 orders of the same value for KAISEKI)

*Cancellations and changes must be made 2 days before the date of the reservation in the morning.

After that, we will charge everything to your credit card. This is because KAISEKI cuisine requires us to order ingredients and prepare a lot in advance. You will be asked to provide your credit card number, expiration date, name and security code when you make a reservation.


~~~A La Carte Menu~~~

Black Edamame                      $4.00

Grilled Shishito pepper         $5.00

House made Tofu                   $8.50

Yuba                                          $12.50

Tempura Mix                           $10.50

Organic Chicken Karaage     $13.00

Pork Saikyo Yaki                     $14.50

Washu beef BBQ                    $28.00

(Cooks on your table)

*Sashimi                             Market Price

*Chirashi sushi                      $30.00

Kanpyo maki 6PCS               $7.00

*Tekka                                     $12.50

*Ikura bowl                            $11.50

A5 Wagyu Aburi Ju              $37.00

Dessert                                 Seasonal

Coming soon