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Come and experience “Washoku”, the traditional cuisine of Japan prepared by the chef Azeuchi at KAISEKI YUZU in Las Vegas!

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What is Kaiseki?

The origins of Kaiseki date back to the 16th century in Japan — a cuisine served as part of a tea ceremony that has evolved into modern-day Kaiseki; a varying presentation of nine to 10 dishes prepared hot and cold, and delicately arranged in a manner that brings out incredible yet subtle flavors based on seasonal ingredients.

All courses depend on the season, and Chef Azeuchi creates special dishes that are only available during the current season.

We hope that those who have never tried Kaiseki will give a chance to this special culinary experience. It's a wonderfully delicate form of Japanese cuisine not commonly found outside of its native home.

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The Experience, What To Know

Our Kaiseki dining Experience is unlike most. While having some similarities to a tasting menu the style and mode of service are a bit different. 


We serve the entire seating at one time, explaining each carefully crafted dish. This makes it important for guests to arrive on time.


It also takes about 2 hours to complete the experience so please plan surrounding events accordingly.

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Where To Find Us

3900 Spring Mountain Rd #A-5

Las Vegas, NV 89102

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