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Our Story

In 2007, Chef Azeuchi moved to the US in hopes of pursuing their dream of owning a restaurant. His dream was realized in 2014 with his first restaurant, Yuzu Japanese Kitchen, which has now evolved into one of the most essential Japanese restaurants in the city as KAISEKI YUZU.


Owner and chef

Chef Kaoru Azeuchi is a highly trained and acclaimed Japanese chef serving Kaiseki course dinners exclusively on the famed street of Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas, NV. As one of the few local restaurants that change their menu monthly, 

Chef Azeuchi studied and practiced the art of Kaiseki cuisine in Japan over sixteen years. After graduating from a culinary school, he began studying Kaiseki. He became sous-chef at Hotel Nogamiya at the age of twenty-seven. While he worked at the hotel as a chef, he participated in a Tokushima Culinary Contest, where he won the first prize. He became the head chef of Tofu Kaiseki Restaurant in Tokushima, Japan when he turned thirty-five.

During this time, he also studied French cuisine for three years, training under the Head Chef who had worked in a prestigious French fine dining restaurant . Chef Azeuchi quickly became the sous chef in the restaurant.


When Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito - now known as "His Imperial Majesty the Emperor" - made a royal visit to Kagawa Prefecture, Chef Azeuchi entertained him with his beautiful dishes. 

Chef Azeuchi eventually decided he wanted to move to Las Vegas and start his own restaurant. Yuzu Japanese Kitchen was the first.


After a few years, Chef decided he wanted to return to Kaiseki. Kaiseki Yuzu was the next evolution in Chef Azeuchi's restaurant journey. 


After only three years of being open, he was nominated for Best Chef by the James Beard Foundation. 

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